What Are the Benefits of Natural Skin Care?

feat1It’s amazing the things we put on our skin, which is actually our bodies’ largest organ. Besides bearing the responsibility for maintaining your body’s core temperature, your skin also must keep tabs on the body’s balance of fluids and protect the vulnerable internal organs from external toxins.

Why Use Natural Skin Care Products?

There are many advantages to using natural skin care products, such as organic makeup. These products are better for your skin, kinder to the world, and healthier in general. Here’s why using natural skin care products makes so much sense:

– Many skin care products contain harmful toxins that have been linked to cancer, hormone imbalances, joint pain, headaches, allergies, and a host of other ailments. These chemicals can even cause depression, and ironically, skin problems.

– Natural skin care products, especially those that are organic, are much kinder to the planet than traditional beauty products. Synthetic skin care products are often produced in ways that harm the earth. Organic makeup and other natural skincare products are earth-friendly.

– Another important advantage of natural skin care products is that they are safer for children. While it’s not a good idea to ingest any product that is meant for external use only, natural skincare products generally contain fewer toxic chemicals.

Harmful Chemicals in Synthetic Skincare Products

There are several toxic chemicals present in many synthetic skincare and haircare products. As they become more concerned about the environment, consumers are also beginning to wonder about the products they use on their bodies. Here are a few of the harmful ingredients in many synthetic skincare products:

– Synthetic Fragrance: When you read a label for a synthetic skincare product, one of the few non-technical words on the ingredients list is usually “fragrance.” That’s because the fragrance used is rarely specified and can be any of up to 4,000 different toxic ingredients. Many natural skincare products use essential oils instead of harmful synthetic fragrances.

– Artificial Colors: Frequently listed as “FD&C” colors, these artificial pigments are on the ingredients list for almost every synthetic skincare product. They can irritate skin, cause cancer, and affect the body in other harmful ways. Natural skincare products and organic makeup do not use this type of pigment.

– MEA, DEA, and TEA: Also known as Monoethanolamine, Diethanolamine, and Triethanolamine, these ingredients can disrupt hormone balance and cause cancer. They are in almost everything produced by the synthetic skincare companies, including shampoo, bubble bath, and facial cleansers.

– Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate: You’re probably familiar with these ingredients as well. Used as foaming agents and detergents, you may have seen them listed on your shampoo, conditioner, and toothpaste. These ingredients can cause skin irritation, depression, and even cancer.

Performance of Organic Makeup and Other Natural Skincare Products

Organic makeup is not only better for the environment, your skin, and your body; it also meets high standards for performance. It’s important that even though you wear organic makeup, you can expect it to perform as well as traditional synthetic products.

Natural skincare products perform as well or better than synthetic skincare products. They are far less likely to irritate skin, and they do no come with harmful side effects and dangerous long-term physical risks.

The Bigger Picture

Your choice of beauty products is about more than what you see in the mirror; it’s also about your respect for our natural environment. In recent years, the focus on earth-friendly beauty has prompted many consumers to switch to natural skincare products and organic makeup.

Many synthetic skincare products are made up of harmful chemicals and preservatives that pollute our environment. These chemicals affect our natural world and also impact our physical health. Making the switch to natural skin care products is the right choice, both for our bodies and our planet.

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